EZBannerz Seeks Strategic Partner for Global Growth Opportunity

How many times in your company’s history have you encountered and/or considered a legitimate Billion dollar explosive growth opportunity?  The majority of companies/businesses NEVER get that chance…

I *know* you don’t “do that“(light pole banners), currently.  That’s precisely the point.  NOBODY does it….the way we do.  They can’t because  we have solid Utility Patents (x3) on our system/process and can therefore grant exclusivity for our unique system that will save every one of your clients significant operating expenses and labor/equipment expenses.  And at the same time give them a real, local, and tangible environmental and safety benefit and story for them to utilize for their marketing.  You would likely tap into  your same marketing capacity/expertise, attend the same conventions and trade shows, and utilize the same installation/service network. 

EZBannerz is most effectively and most profitably sold as a ‘service’, thereby capturing the (high) profit margins from the banner printing, as well as the profit from the hardware and the labor to perform the service.  And by providing the service package, you can leverage the banner printing component as continuing revenue, which is the Holy Grail of every business model.           

Size of the market: 

The light pole banner market is huge, healthy, growing, and international.  However, direct/concise data is hard to come by as there are no specific industry NAICS codes or SIC codes to allow you to drill down to any degree of specificity.    

Data points:  

  • We tasked a Business class at Western Michigan University to try to ascertain the market size for banner hardware. They covered 5 Midwestern US states; MI, OH, IL, IN and WI.  In their estimation there is $340 MM market value in banner hardware alone, plus banner printing and installation/labor. 
  • There is ONE company in MN, specializing in ‘wide format’ printing that did $300 MM in 2020.  ONE company…*just* the banner printing component; no hardware or installation/labor. 
  • EZBannerz is Patented (x3) and Made in the USA and has international filings in China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong,  Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Israel, EU, Chile, Brazil, Canada and Mexico.  Late ’21 we signed an exclusivity agreement with a company in Israel, and have shipped hardware for a pilot/demonstration project that they can use to generate orders while we figure out logistics to supply our product in ‘bulk’.  Exciting stuff!!       
  • Our manufacturing process has very little labor, by design.  Thus the Chinese copycats lose their labor cost advantage and it makes no sense for them to knock us off.   
  • EZBannerz has multiple, compelling value propositions for all the various banner using market verticals.  If you work with electric utilities, we have an especially interesting business model for them, and they tend to own a few light poles…  We’d be happy to share that when you have the bandwidth.   

We have all our patents, engineering, wind testing, and easily/quickly scalable (least cost) manufacturing in place.  We’ve had several years of field testing and feedback and the system has performed flawlessly.  We just need help with sales and marketing side and a partnership/licensing agreement would seem to be the fastest and most straightforward approach, as opposed to building our own sales and marketing capacity from scratch.  We’re ready!!      

EZBannerz is the ONLY tool that can be used to capture, dominate AND significantly expand the market for light pole banners.  *Somebody* is going to step up and grab that business.  Why not you??  When opportunity knocks, you need to open the door!!  Call us TODAY for all the details.