EZBannerz offers

Retail, Wholesale,
and Leasing Options



Includes the hardware necessary for one banner. This includes 2 bases and 2 brackets.
Price does not include shipping.

I/R TOOL: $600

Informally known as the “bucket truck replacement tool”.

Install/Remove tool includes the fiberglass extension pole and the EZBannerz custom toolhead mounted on the end (+ shipping). 

Typically only one I/R Tool is needed per customer / “installation”. On larger projects, you may want to have multiple I/R tools on-hand to “tag team” installs, making the entire process significantly faster.

If you buy 100+ sets of hardware, we’ll GIVE you one FREE I/R tool !!

* Per our Savings Calculator, our customers can realize significant savings on banner printing also, via our wholesale relationships with banner printing partners.  Please note/express your interest on the quote request form and we’ll forward you those details with your quote.

would you like to try before you buy?

Check out our Demo Special!
We’ll send you 2 sets of banner hardware and a bucket truck replacement tool with a no-questions-asked 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it and/or don’t think you can sell it, we’ll pay return shipping to send it back!


We have partnered with TimePayment(.com) to handle all retail financing and payment.
They offer several convenient and affordable payment methods, including:

Same As Cash

1.   3 month, 6 month or 12 month terms

2.   Other programs go up to 5 years

First in the Banner Industry Leasing Program

1.   2 year lease

2.   Either Capital or Operating lease depending on your tax situation or preference

3.   At the end of the lease, you OWN the hardware

4.   Why Leasing? It eliminates the up front capital expense budget headache!

5.   There are excellent tax write off advantages with leasing, and particularly with EZBannerz because we offer *removable* banner arms which are not classified as a “fixed” asset/property, allowing you to deduct the ENTIRE PURCHASE/LEASE COST!

6.   See http://www.section179.org/section_179_leases.html which explains the leasing advantages in more detail

Financing approval typically is only a matter of minutes, online!

We recommend for commercial customers that are 3 or more years in business that you submit the application under the business alone as in some cases they won’t require a personal guaranty.

Dealer / Wholesale Pricing?

If you are interested in becoming a dealer or purchasing wholesale, please contact us for more details!


Pre-order your hardware here! We will follow up with the shipping details and invoice for your order.