Simply stated, EZBannerz is safer, faster, easier, cheaper, and MORE SUSTAINABLE than ANY OTHER pole banner system available on the market today.

EZBannerz is the first and only removable banner arm that allows the banner installer to remove and replace banners in minutes while standing safely on the ground.


The Reality

Typically, banner installation and removal costs exceed the cost of the banners. Also, safety risks to personnel, scheduling logistics, traffic mitigation, and heavy duty diesel vehicle equipment emissions are major issues associated with conventional banner arms. These problems lead to under-utilization of banners, and under-recognition of the market/revenue generating potential of banner advertising. EZBannerz virtually eliminates the most costly, time consuming, and inconvenient components of the equation, making every banner installation much more affordable, safer, and accessible.

EZBannerz Creates New Markets

Not only is EZBannerz great for advertising, branding, and messaging, it is a viable way to monetize existing assets (light poles), transforming what once was a capital expense/liability into a new revenue generating asset/“real estate”. The City of Austin, TX, for example, charges $200 per banner for the first week, and $100 per week thereafter ($500/month!!) to display banners on their light poles. That includes the permit fee, installation and removal services. Does not include the cost of the banner.

Imagine the additional revenue potential for a typical mall owner (who is increasingly desperate for revenue in the era of Amazon) or for a big box retailer. Even your city, local grocery store or car dealership can realize a helpful additional boost to their bottom line.

And while we’re at it, we’re revolutionizing the financing side as well. We listened to our customers who told us they would use EZBannerz right now if we offered simple, low-cost financing. Thus, we’re rolling out a first in the industry 2 yr. leasing program, as well as several “same as cash” payment programs. We are the ONLY banner hardware available that qualifies for an IRS Sec. 179 tax deduction as our banner arms are NOT “fixed”; but are classified as removable equipment, so we qualify for a 100% business equipment tax deduction!!