What are the limitations of EZBannerz?

Our current bracket hardware is limited to 24” wide banners, but if demand warrants, we will begin to offer 30” banner poles as well pending wind rating testing.

We recommend that the tops of the banners be no more than 18 ft. above grade. The length of the extension pole will allow for another foot or 2 higher, but all of our testing was done at 18 ft. top and in order to maintain simplicity and ease of installation, we think you’ll be happier at 18 ft. or less, and we want HAPPY customers!

Very windy conditions may cause the EZBannerz tool head to be difficult to manage and precisely locate the end of the pole. The banner wrap feature makes the installation process easier during those windy days, but still, we recommend waiting for calmer weather conditions if the schedule allows.

How do you prevent the banner from sliding off or bunching up on the pole?

A key part of the system is the retaining clips that snap over top of the banner pole pocket and onto the banner pole. This is an exclusive feature of EZBannerz and eliminates the time consuming and wasteful task of zip tying of banner grommets to hardware on the light pole.

It looks too easy…what are you hiding?

What you aren’t seeing in the video loop is the simple process of “prepping” the install/remove tool between each banner. It is a simple six step process that only takes a few minutes.

1. Remove the banner clips from the old banner

2. Slide the old banner off the brackets

3. Move the brackets from the removal side to the install side of the install/remove tool

4. Slide the new banner on the brackets

5. Replace the banner clips

6. Optionally, you can roll up the new banner from the bottom and secure it with the wrap strap.

This last step is a means to preserve your sight lines so you can easily locate the tool for the transition from the removal of the top of old banner to attaching the top of the new one. Wrapping the banner also helps to reduce the wind profile and makes aligning the install/remove tool much more manageable in wind gusts.

How many installation tools will I need?

It really depends on how many banners you have and how often you want to change them. To stay efficient, you’ll want more than one installation kit so that you can allow a two person crew to stage, prep, install/remove, and reset without wasted time. My sense is that if you have more than 50 banners or so, you’ll want another I/R tool.

How many bases and brackets will I need?

You need 2 bases and 2 brackets per banner. Pricing is PER BANNER. You can install banners on both sides of a light pole as well.

If you’re installing banners for interior uses, you only need ONE base and bracket. Please inform us of that when ordering and we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need.

How heavy is the system without banners?

The pole, installation/removal tool and banner poles weigh in at 11.9 pounds.