Business Reopening

Let EZBannerz help re-open your business!!

Below are some graphics/messaging ideas to prompt your creative process.  

You can customize any/all of them with your logo, or come up with your own content and we’ll get them printed and delivered ASAP along with our Best ROI in the industry Patented  banner hardware, which you can continue to use for your marketing/promo programs . 

 You can add a QR code on your banner that your potential customers can scan with their phone which can  load your social media page/content, buy tickets or make a reservation for your event/venue,  order your product, or get more info.

Our banner printing pricing:  $50 for a 24″x 60″ 13oz. vinyl printed both sides, shipping INCLUDED!!

See our “Get a Quote” page for EZBannerz banner hardware pricing  

And if you’re cashed strapped, we have an industry exclusive leasing program which drastically lowers your startup costs!! 

email us at sales@ezbannerz and we’ll jump right on it!!  

and p.s.- we proudly manufacture EZBannerz in the USA and will NOT re-sell Chinese hardware     

Need more ideas???  

-We’re Moving Up (Pun related to your product being up high)
-Bring Business Back
-Look Up!!
-Bring Your Customers Back in Style
-Show Them the Path Back 
-It’s Safe Again
-We Missed You Too
-We Missed Our Friends and Family Too
-People Get Ready
-People Are Ready To… (Eat Out, Get Out, Rock Out, Jam Out)
-Let’s Go for a Walk and See the Sights
-Thanks for Making an Eternal Difference 
-Thanks for Keeping Folks Together
-Thanks for Connecting Folks, Let’s Us Do the Rest
-Thanks for Keeping Folks Connected
-We are a Stand Above
-We Are Holding It Together
-UP UP and Not Away
-Thanks for Not Giving Up
-It Has Taken a Team
-There is No “I” in Teamwork
-THANKS! We couldn’t have come back without you!
-We Salute You!
-Celebrating Our Freedom 
-Thank You Heroes
-From Our Heart to Your Heart, Thank You
-Our Heroes Have Super Powers of Saving Lives
-Thank You for Saving Lives Every Day
-You Made Each Day Matter
-Yes! We’re Open
-SMILE, It’ So Great to See Your Pearlies Again
-We’ve MIssed That Smile
-We Want to Help You Now!
-Back to Business
-VISION 2020: Let’s Start Over!!
 -Let’s Get Outside Together or Let’s Go Outside Together
-We’re Finally Going Places
-Finally We are Re-Opened
-Just What You’ve Been Waiting For
-Thank the Lord, and Make a Reservation 
-This is the sale we’ve all been waiting for
-Thanks First Responders!!
-Thanks to Healthcare Heroes
-Thanks to President Trump

-The Wait Is Finally Over