Smart Sustainability

Smart Sustainability-

  • saves money and time; less than a year payback in most cases
  • operating costs are much lower, so can be used to sell advertising/sponsorships and raise significant revenue.
  • eliminates personnel and traffic safety hazards, 
  • reduces liability, and potentially insurance costs; could be spec’d in as best practice for insurance purposes for municipal and other (college/school?) banner displays.     
  • eliminates emissions, i.e., creates “direct credits”, vs. chasing “offsets” which require huge capital expense projects and tend to be intermittent and can affect grid stability/reliability
  • is more capital and environmentally “efficient” as the typical 200 lbs/day carbon footprint of a typical bucket truck is effectively more like 2000 lbs, or more.  Can walk you thru that logic and math.  
  • is Made in the USA and doesn’t depend on a foreign supply chain whatsoever.

We will be expanding on these topics here and on LinkedIn and Twitter in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!!