Putting light poles to work!

Street pole banners (or light pole banners) are an affordable and effective outdoor advertising medium, used by municipalities, downtown associations, schools and universities, events centers, churches and retailers across the country. With vinyl banners being relatively inexpensive, renewing the message is easy to do. Unfortunately, switching out the banners next to a busy street or high up on a light pole traditionally requires a bucket utility truck and a crew to position the truck, raise the bucket and safely divert traffic. Because of these high change out costs, many banner advertising opportunities go to waste.

Despite this, some savvy cities and organizations are having success by turning their street pole banners into revenue-generating advertising real estate.

At Iowa State University, through the Office of University Marketing, banner space rental fees of $400 are charged for two to four weeks of pole use.  Using inside graphics skills, the university also offers full design services as well to its customers.

The City of Austin, Texas, also generates revenue from its street light poles by offering 2-week contracts for $250. The banner itself is not covered in these fees, they include the permit and installation costs of one banner.

EZBannerz was developed to allow safe banner removal and installation from the ground, reducing installation and removal costs by up to 80%. This innovation creates a realistic long-term revenue source by making the changing of banners safer, easier and much faster than by traditional means.

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