5 ways to increase hometown pride with street pole banners

From festivals to holiday celebrations, street light pole banners have been used to highlight local activities for decades. Not only do these banners increase awareness, but they can enhance the appearance of the utility or light poles they adorn. For years these banners could only be changed using bucket trucks and ladders, making the change out of banners costly and dangerous and creating the need for a safer and easier way to change pole banners.

EZBannerz can be changed from the ground safely by one person in only minutes. Eliminating the bucket trucks reduces change out costs, employee injury risk and unnecessary and harmful heavy equipment emissions. Being able to safely and easily change banners without any special training provides vastly increased control and flexibility for advertising and public relation campaigns.

Having greater control over the change out of banners provides many opportunities to increase hometown pride including:

  1. Holiday Wishes – Move seamlessly from holiday to holiday showing your timely and festive message of community and celebration.
  2. School Spirit – Sports teams, teacher appreciation, academic success, art projects, fundraisers and philanthropy, our schools have a lot to talk about!
  3. Downtown Vibe – Communicate a consistent and supportive message of downtown businesses for visitors and locals alike.
  4. Reinforce the Message – Use banner ads to drive adoption of a new program or service. Keep the message fresh and relevant by rotating banners detailing unique benefits for residents and the community.
  5. Band Together – Run a series of banners branded by the city or downtown association that can each be individually sponsored by a local business, aligning them with the community and creating a profit center for the city, downtown association, high school, etc…

EZBannerz can assist your efforts to be more timely, engaged and inclusive in your outdoor public relations strategy while keeping banners and messages fresh, new and engaging for residents and visitors alike. Contact us today to learn more!