EZBannerz is the FUTURE of the global banner industry and is the ONLY banner system available that doesn't require a bucket truck or a lift. Click the play button to the right to see the magic!!

The existing banner market is huge, healthy and growing

WHY WOULD ANYBODY WANT TO DEAL WITH BUCKET TRUCKS EVER AGAIN!!!  EZBannerz is safer, faster, easier, cheaper, and far more environmentally friendly than any other banner system available on the market today. EZBannerz is the first and only banner system that enables you to remove and replace banners in minutes while standing safely on the ground. No bucket truck or lift needed.  Easily change your messaging/advertising in MINUTES!

Introducing: Smart sustainabilty!!

Smart Sustainability

  • saves money and time; less than a year payback in most cases
  • operating costs are much lower, so your banners can be used to sell advertising/sponsorships and raise significant revenue, without giving most of it to the bucket trucks..
  • eliminates personnel and traffic safety hazards, 
  • reduces liability, and potentially insurance costs; could be spec’d in as best practice for insurance purposes for municipal and other (college/school?) banner displays.     
  • eliminates emissions, i.e., creates “direct credits”, vs. chasing “offsets” which require huge capital expense projects and tend to be intermittent and can affect grid stability/reliability
  • is more capital and environmentally “efficient” as the typical 200 lbs/day carbon footprint of a typical bucket truck is effectively more like 2000 lbs, or more.  Can walk you thru that logic and math.  
  • is Made in the USA and doesn’t depend on a foreign supply chain whatsoever.
We will be expanding on this concept on our blog here,  as well  as LinkedIn and Twitter.  

Stay tuned!!  

Stop paying ridiculous prices for your banner displays.

EZBannerz ELIMINATES BUCKET TRUCKS, costs, traffic headaches, and emissions, allowing you to:



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Every mall in America has parking lots full of light poles that they can’t do anything with because of the cost and logistics of the bucket trucks.  With EZBannerz, they can sell advertising and raise revenue by monetizing an existing asset.  Same with Big Box Retail.  Fast food stores and bank branches are other examples.   Advertise your seasonal specials and your loan/banking products!!