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EZBannerz - Revolutionizing the pole banner landscape forever

There’s a reason we’ve been called “the easiest hardware to use” for banner installation...

Give your marketing a boost

Give your marketing a boost while cutting costs with pole banners and let EZBannerz save you money ...

Industry First Leasing Pprogram

Now you can monetize your existing assets with NO up front (capital) expense/cost!...


EZBannerz – Light Pole Banner Installation System

Why EZBannerz™

EZBannerz – Revolutionizing the pole banner landscape forever

EZBannerz light pole banner system

commercial installation

Simply stated, EZBannerz is safer, faster, easier, cheaper, and MORE SUSTAINABLE than ANY OTHER pole banner system available on the market today.  EZbannerz is the first and only removable banner arm that allows the banner installer to remove and replace banners in minutes while standing safely on the ground.  No bucket truck, lift, or ladder is needed.

Typically,  banner installation and removal costs exceed the cost of the banners.  Also, safety risks to personnel, scheduling logistics, traffic mitigation, and heavy duty diesel vehicle equipment emissions are major issues associated with conventional banner arms.  These problems lead to under-utilization of banners, and under-recognition of the market/revenue generating potential of banner advertisement.  Stated another way, pole banner arms without banners is valuable space, wasted.  EZBannerz virtually eliminates the most costly, time consuming, and inconvenient components of the equation, making every banner installation much more affordable, safer, and accessible.

Not only is EZBannerz great for advertising, branding, and messaging, it is a viable way to monetize existing assets (light poles), transforming what once was a capital expense burden, into revenue generating “real estate”.  The City of Austin, TX, for example, charges $250 per banner for 2 weeks to display banners on their light poles. That includes the permit fee, installation and removal services. It does not include the cost of the banner.  Imagine the additional revenue potential for a typical mall owner (whEZBannerz light pole banner system hardwareo is increasingly struggling in the era of Amazon) or for a big box retailer.  Even your city, local grocery store or car dealership can realize a helpful additional boost to their bottom line.

And while we’re at it, we’re revolutionizing the financing side as well.  We listened to our customers who told us they would use EZBannerz right now if we offered simple, low-cost financing.  Thus, we’re rolling out a first in the industry 2 yr. leasing program, as well as several “same as cash” payment programs.  AND we are the ONLY banner hardware that qualifies for an IRS Sec. 179 tax deduction as our banner arms are NOT “fixed”; and as removable equipment, we qualify for a 100% business equipment tax deduction!!

More details below….

 Give your marketing a boost


EZBannerz light pole banner system collegiate signage

Grandville High School 4×4. Imagine the graphics possibilities….

Small rural communities, schools, and hospitals.  There really is no limit to what you can promote with these outdoor signage workhorses. Banners can be made out of several types of fabric, but for the eye catching high resolution graphics produced by today’s high-speed, wide format printers, vinyl has become the substrate of choice.

High end graphics designers and major advertising agencies have embraced pole banners as an effective, attractive, and affordable method of promoting a community, business, event, or product, and EZBannerz removes the vast majority of the inconvenience and expense therein of dealing with the logistics of the bucket trucks.

The beauty of pole banners is that they can be customized to meet all your specific needs.  Whether your program requires 2 or 200 banners, you decide the best way to promote your product, organization, business, or event.

Pole Banners can also be used to increase awareness of local tourists’ options, while at the same time improving the aesthetic appeal of the area AND serving as a source of revenue for your local unit of government, tourism council, or school programs.

EZBannerz can also be used as building/wall banners, exterior OR interior at all kinds of venues!!

Light poles in parking lot lack signage and banners

New Profit Centers!!

Let your imagination run wild…. Here are just a few of the many marketing ideas that are made affordable and convenient by EZBannerz:



  • Restaurant Announcements (parking lot, OR building façade)
  • High School Events (or athletic awards banners inside the gymnasium/venue/atrium
  • Carnivals and Festivals
  • Brand Reinforcement
  • Seasonal Promos
  • Holiday Promos
  • Convention Center events and concerts (outdoor AND indoor)
  • College and High School sports stadiums/venues (outdoor AND indoor)
  • Tailgating
  • Shopping/Mall Promos
  • Retail Store Openings
  • Grocery Store specials
  • Local Company Brands
  • Local Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Product Launch Promotions
  • Parade route Markers
  • Museum Promotions

Industry First Leasing Program


EZBannerz light pole banner system in downtown

EZBannerz municipal install



Pole Banners are one of the most powerful and (with the EZBannerz lease program, even MORE) cost effective way to supercharge your outdoor signage.  From Metropolis to Main Street, light pole banners are increasing in popularity as an outdoor advertising media.

And with our new EZBannerz LEASING program, you can now obtain all the EZBannerz advantages WITHOUT any up-front capital expense!


How it works:

All financing and specific terms are managed by our financing partner, TimePayment (Burlington, MA). Financing is subject to credit approval, however customers with low credit ratings may still be able to take advantage of the programs.


Available purchase and financing options are:

  1.  Pre-Pay with check, credit card, or ACH transfer (with a discount)
  2.  3, 6, or 12 month “Same as Cash” purchase plan accrues no interest charge
  3. 24 month Operating Lease
  4. 24 month Capital lease with or without a purchase option

AND, TimePayment is currently running a promotion where you can defer your initial payment for 90 days!!  


EZBannerz trade show signage


All EZBannerz  products are covered with a standard 3 year limited warranty. Extended warranties are available upon request.


Sample EZBannerz Auburn Corn Fest Banner

Use Case

The City of Auburn, MI utilizes their EZBannerz hardware to display themed artwork from students in the surrounding community. What an awesome way to build pride in your local community!! Students submit their artwork to a panel of judges appointed by the city and the Top 60 are selected to be printed up in banner format and displayed in downtown Auburn.

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“The easiest hardware to use”

– DPW workers who do the banner installation

Auburn Park Banner Sample